We Hear You, Life is Busy

You’re always on the go and that can mean you have to do your makeup in the car, on the train, at the gym, traveling or just about anywhere you need to be!
We are on a mission to deliver products to beauty enthusiasts, like you, that offer real solutions that work, no gimmicks or false promises.
We work hard, to make life easier for you when it comes to the daily makeup routine, so you don’t need to stress over the little things, giving the freedom to focus on what really matters.

Meet our COE (Chief of Everything!)

Meet Sam. She runs the show and is the talent behind all the brand.
Sam is a genius at multi-tasking and involved in all parts of the operation. She’s caring and sharing unless you’re double-dipping food, that’s a big no! By her own admission, she’s a germaphobe, and when she started using makeup sponges and found there was no easy way to travel or store them, she invented the first makeup blender case – Blenderelle!
Sam’s a perfectionist so when it came to designing a case she was determined to create more than just a great design. She tested prototypes to find the perfect amount of ventilation and went all out and added antimicrobial protection.
She never misses a beat!

International Patents and Trademarks

NYC Designed LLC owns an exclusive portfolio of valuable intellectual property relating to its products including trademarks, trade dress, and patent rights, which provide NYC Designed LLC with protection in the United States and foreign markets.
We invest significantly in product design & IP protection and are committed to delivering new innovative products to our customers. NYC Designed LLC work with our legal team to protect our brand and ideas from any patent infringements.
US patent No: US 9,897,378 B2 (Utility Patent)
US Patent No: 10,145,611 (Utility Patent)
US patent No: 10,458,706 B2 (Utility Patent)
US patent No: 11,125,502 B2 (Utility Patent)
US patent No: 11,231,228 B2 (Utility Patent)
US Patent No: US D822,904 S (Design Patent)
European Design NOs: 001452122-0001/0002 (UK & Europe Design Patent)
Plus additional patents pending