Our Mission

We create global brands and products designed by our team in NYC. Many of our products have International filed patents to protect our unique and creative ideas. We are committed to only partner with the best suppliers to guarantee our promise of premium quality products.

Innovative Designs

NYC Designed mission is to provide beauty enthusiasts with the latest innovations in brush care, cosmetic tools & accessories. We strive to deliver our customers with premium quality, innovative design and exceptional customer care.
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Cleaning makeup brushes is simple and takes less time with Brush Bliss.

Give your makeup brushes the TLC they deserve with Brush Bliss. Our uniquely designed innovative brush cleaning mat offer different textures to gently clean, removing bacteria and dirt from your much loved brushes.
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Learn why you should clean your makeup brushes

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Makeup brushes best friend

Brush Bliss is a revolutionary makeup brush cleaning mat. Clean your makeup brushes regularly to avoid pesky germs and bacteria.
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