The makeup blender sponge is an indispensable beauty tool for fashionistas who want to look their best every time they step out. Although replacing your blender sponge after every month or so would be an ideal way to keep problems at bay, it would obviously reflect in your monthly budget, and none of us would want that. That is why it is important to take good care of your makeup sponge. Not to mention using Blenderelle the original makeup blender sponge case by NYC Designed it offers the perfect storage solution for your makeup blender sponge. There are many ways to get the most from your makeup sponge. In this blog post, we present some such ideas.

Go for Quality

Not all makeup sponges are made equal. The first and most important step in making sure that your sponge works perfectly and gives you the maximum lifetime,  always buy premium quality. The egg-shaped, teardrop, blender sponge design is the most popular, it allows you to use the large base for basic areas when applying foundation, while the tapered end is great for hard to reach areas and concealing blemishes. Although it must be absorbent, its porousness should not soak up expensive foundation, but still remain smooth on the skin.

Use it Correctly

How you use your makeup sponge not only impacts the final results, but how often you need to reapply.  Useful tips on how to apply when using a makeup sponge include:

  • Cleaning it correctly (use warm water and antibacterial fragrance-free dish soap)
  • Cleaning after every use  (run under warm water until clear)
  • Be gentle when using and cleaning your makeup sponge,  as it can easily tear easily.
  • Never use the washing machine.

Store Properly

Storage is very important for your makeup sponge just the same as it is for makeup brushes. There are many benefits to use a good quality makeup sponge case, with proper effective ventilation. A makeup blender case not only gives you great value, but also ensures better organization of your tools, hygiene, and a better chance your sponge will be protected. We are a first class makeup blender sponge case manufacturer’s with an exclusive portfolio of USA and international patents, with the maximum ventilation we out smart other brands. Blenderelle is perfect to blender on the go, it fits perfectly into any cosmetic bag.

Intrigued? Check out the Blenderelle

Whether you are  a professional makeup artist or just love to look good, Blenderelle is an must have makeup tool accessory and cool addition to your makeup collection. NYC Designed, a global makeup blender sponge case manufacturer, left no stone unturned to ensure Blenderelle gives you unmatched functionality, convenience, and hygiene. Just the right amount of ventilation and still keeps away dirt and bacteria. Order your Blenderelle today or call us to get more information and answers to all your questions. Simply call +1-914-265-2260 or write to us at You can also send us a message we would love to hear from you.