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  • Blend to perfection. Makeup like a pro effortlessly with Blender Bud. Perfect finish every time use with any favorite foundation, primer or cream blush.
  • Premium quality product. Blender Bud is latex-free, hypoallergenic and kind and gentle on your skin to avoid irritations.  NYC Designed only work with trusted suppliers to manufacture our products. 
  • Luxuriously super soft and light. Blender Bud will increase in size when wet and become super soft and light to create the perfect airbrushed finish.
  • Free Ebook with every Blender Bud. We want you to get the most out of your Blending Sponge. So every Blender Bud will receive a free Ebook sharing tips and tricks from makeup artists and online guru’s on how best to clean and care for your makeup blender.
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Professional flawless makeup everytime with Blender Bud. This soft reusable makeup blender will pair perfectly with any favorite primer, foundation and cream blusher.

Blend to perfection, without streaks or lines. The precision of the blender tip is ideal for covering up minor imperfections with concealer. For best results always use wet, and you will find Blender Bud becomes increasingly super soft and expands in size.

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Weight0.0625 lbs
Dimensions1.75 × 1.75 × 3 in

Black, Pink, Purple

13 reviews for Blender Bud

  1. LadyBug1738

    I really love this make-up blender by NYC designs. The color, size, shape and texture are all exactly what I look for in a good make-up sponge. The color is a bright purple. It’s very girly and appealing to the eyes. It is just the right size for applying liquid foundation. I have used much smaller sponges I have bought from local stores. The bigger size allows you to apply your foundation much quicker with a more even spread. I noticed right away how soft it was. I absolutely love the way it feels when it rubs my cheeks.
    When I am not using this I put it right back in it’s handy little case it came in. The little cylinder holder is very convenient and it fits in your purse. It protects it from getting dirty from other things you are travelling with. I don’t think it was intended for this purpose, but it works well. Cleaning this make-up blender is very simple. I washed it with warm water and left it to dry on a paper towel.

  2. Megan Murray

    I have always used sponges rather than brushes. I usually use the wedge sponges that are disposable. I do have the original beauty blender and I really liked it but my dog got a hold of it. I could not think to spend that much money on another one so I have been settling for the wedges from the drug store. After trying this blender for a week now I can say it is just as good as the original. It applies my foundation smoothly and blends my contouring perfectly. It is latex free and hypoallergenic. I have really sensitive skin and was able to use this product with no issues. This sponge is very easy to clean I wash it with some antibacterial soap. If you are looking for a cheaper version to the BB, then this would be a good choice. I like how it comes in a cylinder plastic container that you can store it in, it has a lid.

  3. Lissa

    I really like this little makeup sponge. I normally use disposable foam makeup sponges to apply my foundation, but I decided to give this a try. I’m pretty glad that I did, because this sponge works much better than the cheapy sponges I was using before. I only use it for liquid foundation, but it applies it flawlessly. I also find that I don’t have to use as much foundation to cover my whole face, so this is actually saving me money on two fronts – foundation and sponges.

    This sponge is small, an easy to use. It’s also easy to clean. You can just rinse it with water and then squeeze the excess water off, and let it dry. You are supposed to get it wet before using it, and then it will swell in size. I don’t normally do that though, I just use it dry. I felt like it watered down my foundation whenever I used it wet, but that could just be personal preference. This sponge has held up well, even after being used and washed multiple times. I would definitely get this again.

  4. B.Kasavan

    I used to buy the BeautyBlender sponges, and then switched to a generic brand to try and save a few bucks, because I couldn’t keep spending $25 dollars each time I needed a new makeup sponge, but hated how the cheap ones would smell, even after being washed. Found this option and started using it, and am very impressed with the results. I use it primarily for my under-eye area to help blend concealer, and it does a great job. I get it wet and squeeze all the water out before I blend, and my concealer blends perfectly, and never looks cake-y or creased. Sponge washes out well and doesn’t stain easily with color from the makeup. Washes out so clean that I don’t think I’ll need to replace as often as other brands. I will definitely be buying more of these when it is time for a replacement.

  5. Alexiss

    SO far so good. No cracking in the sponge, applies evenly, expands to almost twice the size and very soft, Best sponge applicator I have used yet!

  6. JPG

    I love blending sponges, especially this one. It makes it so easy to put on your make up smoothly, easily, and evenly. This is a latex free blender sponge which is great my daughter is allergic to latex. The blender does not smell weird either. I pulled it out of the plastic container it came in and did not need to air it out like I have had to with other brands

  7. Jesika

    This Blender bud works tremendous! I am big into contouring on a daily basis, and it really gives a nice blended appearance after using the bud. I was also really happy to see the email this company sends out on what brush/blender to use for what and how to take care of it; and more than one option. This company clearly had its customers in thought when making their products and the quality of them as well.

  8. G. Cifelli

    This is my first blender bud and I am so excited I finally hopped on the bandwagon and got one. This is so smooth and really helps with blending make up. I use for my foundation and it leaves a smooth even coat. It is easy to do a lighter layer or if you want a more movie star type layer you can do that too. Then i use the small tip to blend my blush into my foundation. So easy! I highly suggest washing the sponge after each use. That way it doesn’t dry or cake up. The more it cakes up the harder it is to use. Just rinse with water and squeeze it out. Or use a a make up brush cleanser- just wash well and squeeze afterwards. And let air dry completely before using again. This is definitely a makeup game changer!

  9. Lysa

    I am pretty impressed with this blender bud makeup blender sponge. This blender sponge exceeded my expectation. I own the beauty blender and I would have to say this works exactly the same. The blender is more affordable and you literally get the same results as the beauty blender. The quality is great, I love the airbrush finish that it gives me. I use the blender bud the same way I would use a beauty blender. There are many ways to use it but the way I use it, is run it under water and squeeze out the excess water and now you should have a damp sponge. The sponge also gets bigger when it’s damped, so now I would apply my liquid/cream concealer/foundation on my face and start dabbing the sponge all over applying the makeup evening. I also use this sponge to pick up the loose power and apply it on the areas of my face. I love this sponge and It’s definitely worth it. I would recommend

  10. Jennifer Duffey

    I ordered the blender bud makeup blender for my daughter because it is latex free and she is allergic to latex. Just get it wet and squeeze out excess water then apply makeup. She says it applies her makeup smoothly and evenly on her face. It works alot better than her fingers. She really likes the feel and color of the blender bud. She also likes the shape because it can get into the crevices by her nose.

  11. Jo C

    this makeup blender bud sponge from NYC Designed is great for applying makeup and works better than other makeup blenders that I have used and also works betters than using your fingers or brushes to apply makeup. You can use this blender bud for your foundation, cream blush or your primer. I love that it is latex free and hypoallergenic, I have sensitive skin and was able to use this product with no issues. the best part of this blender bud sponge is that you can wash it and use it many times I rinsed it with warm water and let it air dry and it became as good as new.

  12. Melissa Grammer

    This little dude is a necessity for everyone’s makeup drawer or bag. It is super soft and light weight and doesn’t cause skin irritations because it is latex free! Which is awesome because I’m allergic to latex! You just get it wet squeeze it out, dab it in your favorite foundation or pour a little of your foundation on it if you use liquid then apply it to your face and smooth it out. It’s that simple. And it won’t soak up excess foundation like other sponges because it is already wet! It is sure to give you a flawless finish. My girls have been fighting over mine so I guess I’m going to have to buy each of them one!

  13. Penny Cockrell

    Move Over Beauty Blender!

    Great makeup sponge! I couldn’t tell the difference between it and the beauty blender! I would recommend it to anyone who uses makeup sponges.

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