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  • Blender Bud

    • Blend to perfection. Makeup like a pro effortlessly with Blender Bud. Perfect finish every time use with any favorite foundation, primer or cream blush.
    • Premium quality product. Blender Bud is latex-free, hypoallergenic and kind and gentle on your skin to avoid irritations.  NYC Designed only work with trusted suppliers to manufacture our products. 
    • Luxuriously super soft and light. Blender Bud will increase in size when wet and become super soft and light to create the perfect airbrushed finish.
    • Free Ebook with every Blender Bud. We want you to get the most out of your Blending Sponge. So every Blender Bud will receive a free Ebook sharing tips and tricks from makeup artists and online guru’s on how best to clean and care for your makeup blender.
  • Blenderelle Makeup Sponge Storage Case Black Full Image Blenderelle Makeup Sponge Storage Case Gold Full Image


    Protect your favorite makeup sponge with Blenderelle®. The Original Makeup Blender Case™.   Stylish and compact design, offers protection from bacteria, whilst also keeping your cosmetic case clean from damp, dirty sponges.
  • Blenderelle and Blender Bud Bundle Black Blenderelle and Blender Bud Bundle Gold
    Blenderelle® & Blender Bud™ paired together in this perfect duo. Everything you need to master the latest look on-the-go.Blend to perfection, without streaks or lines, with Blender Bud, the soft reusable non-latex makeup sponge.Once finished creating that flawless finish, Blenderelle® is the perfect holding case for your sponge. The twist open design looks great on the makeup station, protects against bacteria from other cosmetics, whilst keeping your bag clean from damp, dirty sponges.Blend, Defend and Go with this perfect duo.