Most skin blemishes are easy to conceal, if you choose the right concealer and use it with good quality makeup application tools. There are many beauty products and tools such as Blender Bud by Blenderelle® available; it can be challenging to choose the cosmetic tool that perfectly suits your skin and know how to apply it the right way. So, to help, in this blog post, we share some pro makeup tips to help you conceal skin blemishes. Here’s how.

Choose The Right Foundation & Concealer

Applying a foundation of a shade darker or lighter than your skin may help hide blemishes, but it may end up looking like a dark patch on the skin. Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone and a concealer that can be used as a corrector. For instance, if your blemish is red, you can use a yellow corrector to tone down the reddishness.  Try a mineral foundation for easier application and maximum coverage, liquid can sometimes appear cakie up on the skin.

Try Multiple Layers If Needed

Blemishes are best concealed using multiple layers of a combination of beauty products. Once you have chosen the foundation and concealer of matching shades, you can use a makeup sponge to first apply a layer of foundation on your face, then apply the concealer to cover the blemish, and then apply a final layer of oil-free powder to set the concealer and foundation.

Use A Highlighter

You can conceal the more prominent blemishes with adding a highlighting cream or pencil to the counseling process. Use a makeup sponge with the cream or pencil to lighten the shade of the blemish. Once the blemish is partially concealed, you can apply a skin-matching concealer using a makeup sponge.

Wrap Up

Once you have enough information on the type of beauty products to use for concealing blemishes, it’s time to look for the perfect beauty tools to pair with those products. Beauty tools like Blender Bud™ and Blenderelle® makeup sponge case from NYC Designed. A perfect duo when it comes to applying makeup, the makeup sponge and storage case are must haves in every beauty kit. If you have any questions about our products, fill out our contact form or call +1-914-265-2260.