The Blenderelle Is Exactly What You Need to Store Your Beautyblender

For a product to earn an Allure Best of Beauty Award, it has to be special. Of course, performance is a must when it comes to picking our absolute favorite beauty-product launches every year, but there are other factors at play, too: Price, durability, and ease of use (to name a few)

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The Most Batsh*t Crazy Beauty Products So Far

This little cocoon of a case has a breathable vent on one side, so you can store your sponge in it, and then toss it in your makeup bag without having to worry about it getting all gross as it dries. What’s more, it keeps your sponge bacteria-free thanks to the antimicrobial technology it’s made from!

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16 Insanely Genius Beauty Products

The second Cosmopolitan review

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This Indie Beauty Product Will Solve Your Dirty Makeup Sponge Problems

If you apply your foundation with a makeup sponge, you’ve probably had a moment of not knowing what to do with it afterward. Unlike bristle brushes, you can’t pop it in a fancy cup on your vanity. Plus, due to the egg shape of most sponges, it can’t stand up on its own, and tends to roll around in your makeup bag. That can pose a problem, since it’ll then harbor bacteria — which you definitely don’t want to slather on your face. Enter: Blenderelle

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