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What is antimicrobial2016-12-28T18:54:57-05:00

Silver has been used for many years for its antimicrobial properties. With increasing concern over infections, many products in the healthcare sector have adopted silver-based coatings as a preventative to inhibit bacteria survival, reproduction and colonization.
The FDA and EFSA approve all components for indirect food contact. Indirect food contact products, such as infant drinking cups, are a great example of products which benefit from the antimicrobial technology.

Why does Blenderelle™ contain antimicrobial2016-12-28T18:54:57-05:00

Antimicrobial is used to describe a substance, which demonstrates the ability to reduce the presence of microorganisms, such as bacteria, mold or organisms.
Most antimicrobial products that are used in or on environmental surfaces are registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as the product is used to control a pest, microorganism.

We included an EPA registered antimicrobial additive during the manufacturing of Blenderelle™. The antimicrobial protection works continuously to help prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria, keeping the case fresh in-between cleanings.

Antimicrobial technology is molded into the makeup sponge case and will not wash off or wear away for protection that lasts the lifetime of the product.

How can I check on my order after it has been placed?2016-09-19T14:11:28-05:00

It’s easy! Once we receive order your we will email updates on the status. If at anytime you want to check on that click on the link in the email and it will take you to www.nycdesigned.com where you can view the status.

Which credit cards do you accept ?2017-12-22T21:26:50-05:00

We accept all major credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Diners Club International.

My order didn’t arrived yet?2016-12-28T18:56:18-05:00

Check your emailed order status in your inbox. If after 7 days you still have not received your order please contact our Customer Service team at (914) 265 2260 or hello@nycdesigned.com and we will do our best to help.

We want to make sure shopping with NYC Designed™ is a positive and easy experience.

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