Finally…A quick and simple way to clean makeup brushes

Give your makeup brushes the TLC they deserve, with our uniquely designed cleaning mat.

How clean are your makeup brushes!?

“Would you believe, not everyone knows we should clean our makeup brushes at least every 2 weeks. Some admit they never clean their brushes and no idea the reason why we should.”

  • The last thing you want to do is pair your smokey eye with a Staph infection
  • Protect your brushes from bacteria, reduce the risk of cross contamination in your makeup.

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Care to Clean – A beauty enthusiasts must-have accessory.

Clean your makeup brushes regularly to avoid pesky germs and bacteria.


Clean makeup brushes are as important as clean skin

Cosmetics can be a breeding ground for a host of bacteria, leading to breakouts and pink eye and no one wants that! Freshly washed brushes can help to reduce the risk of cross contamination in your cosmetics.

  • Lets face it, good quality makeup brushes are expensive, make them last.
  • Care for them properly and they will give you the best results from your makeup
  • Brush Bliss makes cleaning quick and easy. No more excuses for dirty makeup brushes