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6 Golden Tips on Using Your Makeup Sponge

A make up blender sponge is an ace in your makeup kit, whether you’re a fashionista, makeup artist, a fan of the minimalist look, or occasionally apply makeup. Beauty products designers and manufacturers, over the years, have introduced makeup sponges of different shapes, including pear, triangle, and egg shaped makeup sponges. The different sponges are quite handy when you need [...]

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21 unavoidable signs you are a nail polish addict

Any self confessed addict will admit to relating to at least 5 signs of these signs in our blog they are a nail polish addict.   1. You have no more room for new nail polish, but you buy it anyway Your polish organizer is overflowing. You quite literally have no more room for the latest colors, yet the collection [...]

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Top 7 Tips to Winter Proof Your Makeup

2016 is coming to a close and holiday season is upon us, which means two things - temperatures are dropping and you are going to be busy attending parties, get togethers, and outings with family and friends. You need to look your very best to cut a stunning figure at such yearly gatherings. Dropping temperatures pose a major hurdle in [...]

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Use Concealer Like a Pro for Flawless Skin

Out of the several beauty products that women apply for flawless skin, a concealer is one of the most economical and effective ways to camouflage any flaws. Ideally, you should use a concealer that is 1 to 2 shades lighter than your skin tone to hide under-eye shadows, pimples, or moles, blending it with a blender sponge. However, many women [...]

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Clean Your Makeup Brushes Like a Pro!

When it comes to looking your best, it is important to know your stuff and not just go with the flow. Especially when it comes to makeup brushes, you not only need to choose the right ones according to your makeup preferences, but should also know how to use and maintain them properly, to ensure optimum lifespan. You probably have [...]

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How to clean your makeup blender sponge

In a perfect world we would wash excess foundation from our blenders after every use. Sometimes that’s not always possible, often we are in a rush for work, evening out or on the go without access to soap & water. We also understand, that not everyone is the type to meticulously clean their blender every single time. A deep-clean not [...]

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