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Expiration for Different Beauty Products: When to Update Your Makeup Kit

People tend to keep reusing beauty products for months and years, paying little attention to the fact that every product in their makeup kit has an expiration date. If you have been experiencing breakouts on your face or eye infections, your old beauty products could be the reason. While you may buy the most premium beauty tools from leading brands [...]

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Pro Makeup Tips to Conceal Blemishes

Most skin blemishes are easy to conceal, if you choose the right concealer and use it with good quality makeup application tools. There are many beauty products and tools such as Blender Bud by Blenderelle® available; it can be challenging to choose the cosmetic tool that perfectly suits your skin and know how to apply it the right way. So, [...]

Step Out in Style with the Top Makeup Trends from 2018

Season after season, we see makeup trends born on runways alongside fashion trends. While it is easy to get a makeup tutorial from any social media platform, the challenge is choosing the right beauty products and tools to achieve the desired look. With so many beauty products available, the choice comes easy with the Blenderelle® Makeup Sponge bundle that includes [...]

4 Golden Rules of Using a Makeup Sponge

One of the secrets to getting that flawless look is blending your foundation to perfection. That is why, besides using the right product, you also need the perfect makeup foundation sponge. Over the years, beauty product manufacturers have introduced a variety of makeup sponges in different shapes and sizes. Taking design and practicality to the next level, Blender Bud lets [...]

Answering some FAQ on Makeup Blenders

The egg-shaped makeup sponges, like Blender Bud, have become a makeup kit essential; thanks to their multi-purpose qualities that range from liquid foundation application to cleansing. You can also choose Blenderelle, a makeup sponge storage case that helps keep your makeup sponge and cosmetic bag clean away from bacteria. Whatever the quality of the makeup sponge or how great the [...]

5 Things to Remember when using Your Makeup Sponge

The beauty industry offers a number of products that help in applying makeup evenly, the makeup sponge is one of those must-have products. Makeup sponges allow you to blend makeup effortlessly. Although makeup sponges are easy to use, but they are often not stored or used properly. We share five things to remember when using your makeup sponge. Take a [...]