Blenderelle and Blender Bud Bundle

Protect your makeup blender

Blenderelle a compact stylish case to protect, store and travel with your favorite makeup sponge

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Blend • Defend • Go

Makeup in the office, on a train, or at the gym?
With Blenderelle you can take your favorite makeup blender anywhere, without the worry of bacteria lurking inside your makeup bag. Finally, a compact case that fits inside your makeup bag, for a flawless finish wherever you go.

  • Antimicrobial protection reduces the risk of cross-contamination and controls odor-causing bacteria

  • Designed with effective ventilation so your sponge can continue to Dry on the Fly™

  • Compact to fit inside your cosmetic bag and still looks great displayed on the makeup station.

USA and International design and utility patents approved & pending

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Why use Blenderelle®

Storing a damp dirty makeup sponge anywhere it comes into contact with other cosmetics, is not a great idea. Thrown loose inside a cosmetic bag, can ruin your purse. Worse still, you also risk exposure of bacteria to your sponge.

  • Say goodbye to plastic bags next time you want to glow on-the-go and travel with your makeup sponge.

  • Vents in 3 areas, top, middle and base, allowing air to circulate and your sponge to effectively dry.

  • We went all out and added EPA registered antimicrobial during the manufacturing of Blenderelle®. 

  • Two striking colors that will pop with any collection. Blenderelle® Pro Black and Rose Gold Metallic.

Every makeup blenders BFF

  • Just like no two glam goddesses were created equal, we know that everyone has their own personal favorite makeup sponge. That’s why Blenderelle® was designed to perfectly hold all popular shapes

  • So you can rest assured that your Blenderelle will let enough air in to circulate and dry your sponge no matter what its shape or size.

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