Professional flawless makeup effortlessly

Perfect finish every time using your favorite foundation, primer or cream blush.

Luxuriously super soft & light

Blender Bud is a soft reusable makeup blender, giving great results everytime. The precision of the blender tip is ideal for covering up minor imperfections with concealer. For best results use wet and your blender will become super soft and light.

  • Latex free which means kind and gentle, ideal for sensitive skin types
  • We guarantee our makeup sponge will increase when wet to become bouncy & soft
  • Amazing, streak-free finish without absorbing extra products.
  • Pairs with any complexion product in your makeup collection.

Free ebook with every Blender Bud

Every valued customer will receive a free Ebook, packed with makeup artist top beauty tricks & tips.

  • Plus a step by step guide on how to use and care for your new makeup blender
  • You will also receive interesting facts about makeup, we guarantee you didnt know!
Ebook For Makeup Blender Usage

Apply makeup like a pro

The oval shape design of Blender Bud makes it easy for anyone to achieve a smooth finish