Who Is NYC Designed

NYC Designed mission is to provide beauty enthusiasts with the latest innovations in cosmetic tools, accessories & brush care. We strive to deliver our customers with premium quality, innovative design and exceptional customer care. If we achieve that – Mission Accomplished!
Our global brands and products are designed by our team in NYC. To protect our unique and creative ideas, we file International patents on most of our designs. We are committed to only partner with only the best suppliers which guarantees our promise to you, our customers, of premium quality products.
NYC Designed aim to create meaningful brands, our inspiration comes from the vibrant City of New York and our customer feedback.

We are Sam and Mike Palmer, founders of NYC Designed and creators of the innovative brands here on our website. We never imagined leaving the Corporate world to become entrepreneurs and so far our journey has been phenomenal. We are an ordinary, active and sometimes crazy family with 2 beautiful college aged daughters. Living in the vibrant city of New York we share a passion to live life to its fullest. Our goal is to create meaningful brands that exceed your expectations and that we ourselves use and love. Products that genuinely enhance our lives to make it better, easier and more enjoyable. We love nothing more than finding a great new idea just like you. Who better to serve as inspiration and testers of the everyday beauty routine than our very own daughters. Charlotte a London-certified makeup artist and graduate from the New York School of Esthetics and Harriet the one with the creative talent. Our team truly is family and we hope to inspire other families to build a life together.