The beauty industry offers a number of products that help in applying makeup evenly, the makeup sponge is one of those must-have products. Makeup sponges allow you to blend makeup effortlessly. Although makeup sponges are easy to use, but they are often not stored or used properly. We share five things to remember when using your makeup sponge. Take a look.

1. Bounce, don’t swipe

When using a makeup sponge to apply makeup, especially foundation, bounce the sponge on the skin. This helps to make sure the makeup is applied evenly, giving a natural look. If you swipe the sponge across the skin, your makeup will not blend evenly, and you may end up with a blotchy, uneven result.

2. Hygiene is key

Regular, proper cleaning of your makeup sponge is essential to prevent bacterial growth and get the full lifetime of your sponge. Wash your makeup sponge before and after using it; never store it in a plastic bag or a container without ventilation. After washing, make sure the sponge gets plenty of air to dry, ideally using purpose made makeup sponge case.

3. Use a makeup sponge case

Storing your makeup sponge in a proper case is important to make sure that it remains clean and free from bacteria. A good quality makeup sponge travel case, with effective ventilation, will also makes it easy and convenient to travel with your makeup blender.

4. Don’t apply too much pressure

Applying too much pressure when using a makeup sponge not only results in uneven makeup application but also damages the sponge. For perfect results, bounce the sponge softly on your skin and make sure you are not applying too much pressure. When cleaning your makeup sponge, squeeze and pinch it gently to remove excess moisture and let it dry with good ventilation.

5. Never use a dry makeup sponge

One common mistake when using a makeup blender is not using it damp. Before using, always wet your makeup sponge in warm water and gently squeeze. Apply makeup using a slightly damp makeup sponge helps ensure the makeup blends evenly, it also reduces the amount of makeup needed.

Final note:

Makeup sponges are a must-have beauty product for every makeup user. Remember the five things mentioned in this blog, and to help get the most out of your beauty tools.  NYC Designed offers thoughtfully, creatively designed makeup sponge cases. If you have any questions about our products, simply call +1 914 265 2260 or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you, shortly.