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Protect your favorite makeup sponge with Blenderelle®. The Original Makeup Blender Case™.   Stylish and compact design, offers protection from bacteria, whilst also keeping your cosmetic case clean from damp, dirty sponges.

Hot Pink
Rose Gold
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With Blenderelle® you can now take your favorite makeup blender anywhere, without the worry of bacteria lurking inside your makeup bag, for a flawless finish on the go.

Blenderelle® is a compact design, its light and durable, making it the ideal case to tuck it inside your purse, or travel bag heading to the gym, office or just about anywhere.

Designed with effective vents in 3 separate areas, your sponge will continue to Dry on the Fly™

Everyone knows makeup sponges are not shy when it comes to bacteria. That’s why we went all out and added an EPA registered antimicrobial during the manufacturing of Blenderelle®.  Keeping the case fresh in-between cleanings.

Just like no two glam goddesses were created equal, we know that everyone has their own personal favorite makeup sponge. That’s why Blenderelle® was designed to perfectly hold all popular shapes

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Dimensions2.25 × 2.25 × 3.5 in

Black, Gold, Hot Pink, Pearl, Pink, Rose Gold

12 reviews for Blenderelle

  1. Lucy1038

    Really great product for holding beauty blenders
    Great item, fits my Beauty Blender perfectly and protects it in my makeup bag while letting it breathe (which is super important seeing as it is damp a lot of the time, if it was fully sealed bacteria would have a field day!) Very useful too just sitting on my makeup table as it holds the blender when not in use, and allows air to circulate. It was exactly what I was looking for and in fact it is better than I imagined as it stands upright rather than having a curved base. Great colour too! Highly recommended.

  2. Jaheda Subhan

    Really great lovely colour and design

  3. Jodie

    Really liked the color and design of this product. Would definitely recommend it.

  4. Jackie

    love love love!!! so easy to travel with, perfect size and shape.

  5. Harriet Salt

    Great for travel

  6. Bridgette(mscamobabe)

    Let me start by saying how beautiful this blenderelle is! Its so easy to pack when im on the go keeps my blenders safe and clean! Protects from childrens and animals! Not only does it protect my blenders it also keeps them safe while drying so when its wet its safe and not just laying on the table collecting mold it protects it from that! I love this little flower thing and im so glad i was able to get my hands on one (:

  7. Emely

    Honestly the greatest invention ever! Perfect for all beauty blenders.

  8. Sally Turner

    Beautiful and functional

    Such a pretty addition to my make up table! The colour is lovely, and is much more matte in real life than it looks in the picture. I have the regular sized BeautyBlender, but it would fit the larger sized body one as it has plenty of room!

  9. Rachel

    Excited to receive this as I’ve been wanting a better storage solution for my make up sponge.
    I was really excited to receive this as I’ve been wanting a better storage solution for my make up sponge. I feel much better leaving my sponge in this rather than on my vanity or another surface that might not be super clean. The Blenderelle looks nice with the rest of my vanity decor and does not take up much space!

  10. Elaine

    Perfect way to store the beauty blender.

    Highly RecommendThe blenderelle is perfect for storing your beauty blender. It is great if you are on the go or leaving it to dry on your bathroom sink. I even bought another one for my friend

  11. iihearbeauty

    I love the beautiful design of Blenderelle. It has a rose shape with small roses and the clever sliding opening to place the beauty blender. How clever is that ? There are plenty of ventilation to keep the beauty blender protected from mold or bacteria growth. Finally, we can take beauty blender with us when we travel or on the go without having to wait for it dry. I think it’s a great design that serves a purpose. Also it’s pretty.

  12. Kerri H.

    Absolutely love my blenderelle blender holder! I’ve traveled with it a ton and it’s so perfect for keeping my sponge clean. It sits right on my sink when I am not on the road for easy access. Great product! Highly recommended!

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