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An innovative new makeup blender sponge case

A compact way to protect, store and travel with your favorite makeup sponge

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Protect Store & Travel with Blenderelle®

“Makeup on the fly, at the gym, on a plane or at the office?
No problem!
Take your favorite makeup blender anywhere without the worry of bacteria lurking inside your makeup bag.
Blenderelle® is compact to fit inside your makeup bag as you head out the door.”

  • Antimicrobial to reduce the risk of cross contamination and control odor-causing bacteria
  • Over 50% ventilation when closed letting your sponge continue to dry whilst stored
  • Compact to fit inside your cosmetic bag and stylish enough to sit on your dresser

Blenderelle® is not just for travel

The twist open design, looks great on your dresser or inside your makeup bag with still enough air for your blender to dry.

International and USA design and utility patents pending

Why use a Blenderelle®

It’s never a good idea to store your makeup blender anywhere it comes into contact with other cosmetics. Left unprotect inside your cosmetic bag, not only will you ruin the inside transferring excess makeup, you risk expose of bacteria to your sponge

  • Say goodbye to plastic bags and containers next time you travel with your makeup sponge

  • With over 50% ventilation you can store your damp makeup blender sponge and dry on the fly

  • We didn’t stop there, Blenderelle® includes EPA registered antimicrobial technology 

  • Available in 2 satin finishes to blend with any collection

Blenderelle® loves all blender sponges

  • We know that everyone has their own personal favorite makeup blender. Thats why Blenderelle was designed to fit perfectly with almost all popular shape and size makeup blenders.

  • Everyone knows to get the best out of your makeup sponge its best to wet first. Blenderelle® will store your damp sponge with enough air to circulate and dry.

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